The following working group sessions are scheduled. If necessary, the local organizing committee will split, merge, and cancel sessions in collaboration with session organizers to get reasonably sized groups. Select session below or go here for abstract submission.

Analytical sociology
Care, gender and migration
Comparative qualitative methods
Consumption and lifestyles
Criminology and social deviance
Contesting the public space
Cultural sociology
Environment, risk and expertise
Gender and Asia
Life course
Medical sociology
Migration and ethnicity
Organisational sociology
Power and democracy
Production of knowledge
Professions and occupations
Rural sociology
Social movements
Social networks
Social policy and welfare
Social stratification and labour market
Social theory
Society and differentiation
Sociology of aging
Sociology of childhood
Sociology of communication and new media
Sociology of education
Sociology of everyday life
Sociology of gender
Sociology of law
Sociology of sports
Sociology of family and personal life
Sustainable development
Transit migration
Trust and social capital
Urban studies
Youth research
Work and organizations
Work migration